Simply clever – our new Safer-Code® APP.

Memorizing a code is now simply and secure.

You should use different and complicated passwords for your credit cards, e-mail accounts and your e-banking access. But how can you memorize them without taking notes? Here’s the solution: Just keep Safer-Code in your wallet! Instead of memorizing a complicated code, you simply memorize a single icon.

Downlaod the Safer-Code APP:

A single icon leads you to your secure password.

Safer-Code is the easiest way to create a secure password. Simply choose an icon and a “path”. Only you know your icon. The icon leads you to your passwords and PINs.
This is how it works
  • Chose an icon that you remember easily
  • Think of a „path“ around your icon – this is your password!
  • You can create new codes anytime with the same icon.$
  • Give your code a name and save it
  • Create new „CodeMaps“. Save under „My Codes“
  • CodeMaps contain mixed characters or numbers only.
Your passwords can’t be stolen because they are NOT saved in the APP! Nobody knows your secret codes. Not even if somebody sneaks at your screen. This is a patented way to create secure codes.
Get your secure password now. Download the Safer-Code APP.

How strong is your password really?

Strong passwords prevent criminals to access your data. The “password check” is a test issued by the Federal Privacy Officer. Your password is assessed according to different criteria, such as length and use of different characters. It is also checked against dictionaries in the for official Swiss languages plus English.

Test it now: