How to use the Passport-Safer.

Your passport is protected once you have put the Passport-Safer on page 3 of your passport. A self-adhesive film keeps it there.

This is how the B-Safer Card Protector works.

The Swiss inventor and engineer Marco B. Feusi has developed an effective protection which fits easily in every wallet. After many years of analysis, he created this special compound material. It absorbs and changes the electrical signals of readers (NFC/RFID) so they can’t read out the data from the chip of the card. The cards are “invisible” for the electronic cards readers.

Benefits of the Passport-Safer®

  • Prevents unaothorized access to your passport
  • Prevents misuse of data
  • Prevents from tracking
  • Certified Swiss product with 3 patents pending
  • No need for a separate device for protection
  • Extremely thin, flexible, tearproof and washable.
  • Individual 4-colour print for marketing purposes available from 250 orders.