Protect your credit cards from data theft!

Give your customers a piece of security. Individually printed according to your wishes.

Our B-Safer® Card Protector effectively prevents unauthorized access to your banking and credit cards.

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Why do you need a B-Safer® Card Protector?

Benefits of the B-Safer® Card Protector?

  • Prevents unauthorized access to your NFC/RFID enabled banking and credit cards in your personal wallet.
  • Prevents misuse of data and unauthorized payment Transactions.
  • Certified Swiss product with 3 patents pending.
  • No need for any extra device for your protection.
  • Prevents malicious destruction of the card chip.
  • Prevents use of the wrong card when you pay at the point of sale (in case you have several cards).
  • Extremely thin, flexible, tearproof and washable.
  • Individual 4-colour print for marketing purposes available from 250 orders.
  • New and simply clever: The Safer-Code APP.
  • The Safer-Code APP easily creates extremly safe passwords. 2 patents are pending for this unique algorithm.

For a good cause.

With every purchase of a B-Safer, you support the handicapped Workshop Plankis in Chur. These people are proud to execute your order and pack your items, ready for shipping. Thank you for your support!

New and simply clever – our new Safer-Code APP.

Safer-Code®-APP is the easiest way to create a secure password. Simply choose an icon and a “path”. Only you know your icon. The icon leads you to your passwords and PINs.